Tuesday, September 29, 2009

11 days...

Until my fourth event for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. I'm really looking forward to the Seagull Century up on Maryland's eastern shore next weekend. In addition to my wonderful TNT teammates, SanDee J and Deanna B are signed up for the ride. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a sunny weekend!

Meanwhile, I trekked up to the eastern shore this past weekend to cheer on/support Rick and the TRIgirls taking part in the Cheseapeakeman aquavelo. As usual, the Choptank river lived up to her name and provided lots of waves, current and even some jellyfish. However, a 16-year old from Baltimore (who swims with Michael Phelps) made the swim look easy as he crushed the swim in 48 minutes. Amazing.
From what I could tell, the bike ride may have been even windier than usual as a storm front was moving in. I asked Rick, once he had finished the 112-mile bike course, if the ride felt easy after doing Ironman Lake Placid. His response, "Hell no!" He said he missed the descents of Lake Placid, which for fearless Rick, provided a break. He also mentioned that hilly courses do allow a wider variety of leg muscle groups to share the workload. Needless to say, the gang finished the aquavelo feeling much more confident about their upcoming Ironman races.

On another note - healing wishes to Mary T who took a spill on her bike...

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'll take it

I'm so happy to report that I did ride the whole 100 miles at Heart of Virginia on Saturday with Tammy, Molly, and my buddies from Team in Training (Allen, Paul, and Rob).

While we did not set any records for speed (do I ever?), it was a wonderful day for a ride. I loved finishing it - and having that "Wow, I did a really long workout - go me" kind of feeling. Even my knees were happy - how about that?

More details to follow soon. I'll definitely put the Heart of Virginia on my calendar for 2010. It was a great experience.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I will attempt, along with Molly, Cindy D., Tammy, and the boys from Team in Training, to ride 100 miles. Mind you, this will be the longest ride I've done in well over a year (since May 2008 - to be exact). We're doing the Heart of Virginia ride, which is supposed to be wonderful. If I manage to get all 100 miles in, I may have to send a picture of me & my bike at the finish to my orthopaedic surgeon and physical therapist. I think they would be mighty proud of how well their handiwork has turned out.

And yes...Rick and I did elope. I'm not going to devote a blog post to something so personal and special (sorry), but suffice it to say - it was fun, funny, touching, emotional, stunning, magical and just plain lovely. In case you are wondering, sweet Josie served as the canine of honor.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Saturday ride

How gorgeous was the weather this weekend? Virginia is quite a place.

This week, we had tickets to the UVA/William & Mary football game (if you can call what UVA does as playing football) so I knew I'd have to start my ride earlier than the Team in Training group. Luckily, a large contingent of the Ironman Florida crew (including Rick) had planned a long ride out in Goochland. They graciously let me tag along.

The first few miles were very chilly, but we warmed up quickly as we headed across Broad St to St Matthew's Lane. I do adore riding out that way. Quiet country roads, horse farm after horse farm, Patty zipping along laughing all the way - you get the picture.

On the second loop, I had to deviate from the group due to a time crunch to get to the tailgate party in Charlottesville. I rode a slightly different route with Rick and Tammy that included Miller's Lane and Shallow Well. I don't get tired of riding out there. I think it's gorgeous. I did spy Bart and Bethany riding down Miller's, too. They looked happy & relaxed - but still fast. Too fast for me to see Bethany's new M-dot tattoo!

While I didn't ride the 90 miles the IMFL crew rode, I still logged 75 miles - my longest ride in over a year. And, my knees seemed to handle the work fairly well.

As for UVA football, I won't be cutting any more workouts short for them. Now the Richmond Spiders...well...that's a different story.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crazy friends

It's true. I hang around with a crazy bunch.

I'm looking forward to sharing in SOME of the training adventures of my friends who all just signed up for Ironman Canada in 2010. As far as I know, the following psychos are all in: Shawn, Karen, Shelley, Lynn, Carrie, Amy, Dr. Rick and, of course, my Rick.

There may be some others out there who haven't 'fessed up, but they'll admit what they've done soon enough.

While I have "retired" from Ironman distances events (my knees said, "No ma'am" when asked if they'd like to partake), I am excited to do part of the training with the Canada people. First, I am playing around with the idea of doing another amazing event for Team in Training in the late spring: a century ride around Lake Tahoe. It calls itself "America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride" and I'm thinking that may be true.

And, I figure the Canada people will do a half-ironman race here and there to prep for the big race, so you never know, I may be inspired to do the aquabike portion of a 70.3.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School is in session

And consequently, my blog has been neglected.

I've been busy with things like getting my syllabi ready, teaching classes, meeting my new advisees (love them), and generally putting out small fires here and there. For the record, I really love my job and feel extremely lucky work at such a fantastic university. Go spiders!

Meanwhile, I have been getting in some quality workouts. Two weekends ago, I rode about 50 miles with my Team in Training peeps. Before we headed out into the countryside of Goochland, we listened to several of our patient honorees share their experiences/battles with blood cancers. Very sobering and humbling. Each of our patient honorees spoke with grace, eloquence and candor. From there, we rode the first mile in silence as a tribute to everyone battling cancer. Read my teammate Art's blog for his perspective.

Last weekend, I did a 60+ mile ride out in the somewhat unfamiliar roads of the east end. Alas, due to the construction of an exit (or something) for I-895, our original cue sheet (courtesy of Shawnie) was not going to work. We did find some nice, quiet country roads to ride on so all was not lost. I rode 63 miles, while my riding partners continued on in their quest for more mileage. More power to you, riding machines!