Saturday, February 9, 2013

February 9, 2013

Pretty exciting blog title, huh? Sorry, my brain is a little fuzzy from this darn cold I'm battling. Colds are just part of spending most of my days with little people who routinely sneeze on me. Actually, this is the first cold I've had this school year, so I'm pretty pleased with that. In contrast, my first year back in the classroom, I suffered through THREE sinus infections. One was so miserable that I lost my voice at the same time (or maybe that was a gift for those nearest and dearest to me?)
Anyway, I find myself minimally focused on triathlons and far more interested in trying out some new things. First new activity: yoga. I will admit that I am just a little jealous of those super flexible, lean women who look like yoga goddesses. I don't see myself as ever being "that woman" but I am really intrigued by yoga. I've tested it out a bit and my conclusion: it's tough! I think it's just what I need after a year of long (and dare I say tedious) workouts that turned my body into one tight, inflexible just-waiting-for-an-injury mess. I found a nice studio that is right on my way home from work. My first class is this Monday. I am nervous and excited all at once - I love feeling that way.

I'm also thinking about jumping back into a Team in Training event. A wonderful group of people from Richmond and Blacksburg are heading to Hershey, PA in May for the Tour de Chocolate. I know, I know - it's a perfect event for me on so many levels. I can get reacquainted with my beloved road bike (she was so neglected last year), raise money to fight stupid cancer, hang out with some of my favorite cyclists....and eat chocolate. I think it's a "yes" on that one.