Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tidewater: post race

Once upon a time there were four friends, Molly, Mary, Rick & Susie, who enjoyed competing in triathlons together. Apparently, they enjoyed socializing even more.
Example A: last weekend, Mary finished second in her age group.

Where were we at this exciting moment?

Yup - that's right. We were getting comfortable at the adult beverage tent. Completely missed the ceremony.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big News....

So...after seven years in higher education, I have made the bold (some might say crazy) decision to return to teaching the little ones.
What? Why? Huh? You might be thinking. Well, years ago, when I first began taking classes for my doctorate at UVA, I had no intention of leaving the classroom. I have always loved/adored teaching children. It's exhausting, but it also re-energizes me and quite frankly, I feel like it's what I'm meant to do. I love it. I think that 6-year old children are the funniest, most lovable little people in the world. They are so open to learning, reading, playing - it's refreshing.

While I have enjoyed my time at both Radford and University of Richmond, I always felt a little emptiness/sadness that I had left the classroom. When you teach graduate students, they are with you for such a brief time period (1-2 semesters). But, the little guys (for better or worse) are part of my world for a full school year (or more). You develop bonds with their families and siblings. I guess I miss (among other things) the "connectedness" that comes from a classroom of children.

So, in late August, I'll return to the world of first graders. I'm excited, nervous and incredibly happy.
And hoping we have as many snow days as last winter :)