Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things I am thankful for...

when my nephew Max or niece Clare giggles

A full glass of wine

When my dog barks in her sleep

Paid bills

Graded papers

Harry Potter and Bella, Edward and Jacob (yes - I'm that girl)

Freshly folded laundry

Trader Joe's

A hot shower

Flip turns (Why? I don't know)

Watching my siblings interact with their children (incredible)

U of R Spiders

Bluebirds, goldfinches and hummingbirds

Morning coffee alone or with friends

The look on my parents' faces when I see them after a long time apart

Just-picked raspberries

Puppy feet and puppy bellies

Signing up for a race or a ride

Eatin' crabs and drinkin' beer in Deltaville

My bike

Beating the Yankees

Emails from the posse in Blacksburg

Thinking about running

A wink from Mr Green Toes

Snow flakes

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Now that makes sense

Now that I've gained some sanity regarding my knees, training and triathlons, I'm feeling incredibly positive about 2010.

Here's what I've figured out...

* I am not doing anymore long-distance triathlons. Period. That was just me being sentimental... and stupid. I do not need to abuse my surgically-repaired knees anymore than necessary. (Thank you to Amanda and Suzanne for helping me see the light). And, as cool as completing a long race is, the recovery time (both mentally and physically) can be a extensive. I'm ready to say goodbye to that era of my life.

* The century ride next fall in Arizona for Team in Training is a no-go (dammit). While I have lots of flexibility in my schedule to a point, I can not justify missing class time in the middle of the fall semester for this ride (even though it's a fantastic cause).

* Happily, Team in Training is going to designate a local triathlon for the summer schedule. I do believe it's going to to be "I Love the Tavern." I've never competed in this race, but I'm looking forward to taking it on as a member of TNT. One of the advantages of a local race is that it won't conflict with my summer teaching schedule. But, I still get to do my part for TNT.

* I'm genuinely looking forward to doing some sprint distance triathlons in and around town. My focus is simply to stay healthy and fit, work out with some structure, and have fun.

* I'm also looking forward to fun rides. Last year's highlights include: the Heart of Virginia century, RABA Waverly rides (one where SanDee and I rode down along the James River - aka the Chesapeake Bay according to SanDee - and the other where Molly fell in love), and rides around Hanover County with TNT.

See? It makes sense.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Okay, okay - I'm inspired one moment and then indecisive the next. What can I say? Let's face it, as a woman, I have the right to change my mind.

So....I was getting all excited about doing a bunch of long, big races next year. that really a good idea? Perhaps not.

I'm thinking that my knees and I will get along much better if I limit myself to the sprint distance next year. At the sprint distance, I can do the whole race - run and all. If I go any longer, I'll have to switch to the Aquabike category. There's nothing wrong with Aquabiking, know me..if I can run, I will.

And - three (or so) sprint races probably cost about the same as one half ironman race.

Don't worry - I'm sure I'll change my mind again. Soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Like 2007, Ironman Florida was incredible, amazing, fun, inspirational, emotional, exhausting and memorable. Makes me want to do it again, but not until 2011.

That could be crazy talk, based on the state of my knees. But, who said I had to run it like it did last time? If I can boost my swimming and cycling, it will give me enough of a buffer to make the marathon more of a walk/run. I think my knees can handle that. Or should I say, I am very, very motivated to find a way to make my knees handle it.

Luckily, It's a long way off, so I don't need to make any decisions right now.

Meanwhile, inspired by DB, I am developing a plan for 2010. My focus will be primarily on cycling and swimming (my double-whammy weaknesses). Races that could work for me include: Charlottesville sprint, Rhode Island 70.3 (may have to turn it into an aquabike), and the Tour de Tucson century ride with Team in Training. I'd like to add another 70.3 aquabike in there (which makes it a 57.2?), but I'll have to see what my training buddies are doing. And, depending on my budget, I wouldn't mind adding in one or two local sprint triathlons.

The bottom line is that, after a year of surgery and healing, I'm motivated to get back to being a participant.