Thursday, March 14, 2013

Moving forward

I have been trying to say good-bye to running for about 5 years. It has been a prolonged grieving period, but it's time to move on.   I have finally accepted that my knees feel so much better when I don't run. I'd rather do things that support my health (like swimming, biking, yoga, eating well, drinking red wine, laughing, walking my dog, feeding my birds, gardening - so many options!) than break me down. As a little good-bye gift to me, here are some of my fondest memories of running:

*The running program at my elementary school in Concord, NH - we had four different choices for running routes. We did our runs (or walks) right before recess. What an amazing (and forward-thinking) school. We also had healthy snacks available to buy (fresh popcorn, apple slices, or peanut butter on whole wheat bread).

*Running with friends - especially Suzanne, Manda, Joan & Erin. I wish I could back in time for just one more Saturday run with them. (Okay - I just burst into tears).

*Running a variety of 5Ks in Richmond - I was stunned when I came in third in my age group in my first one. Where did that come from? Over time, I was able to throw down a few sub 21:00 minute 5Ks. It's hard to imagine running a 6:45 pace nowadays, but I had it in me when I was in my 30s.

*Running with Collegiate's cross-country team (for 7 years) - lots of hard runs, lots of great kids.Those kids certainly helped lower my 5K time. Try running with high school kids!  They are speedy.

*Meeting Rick - we would talk between our half-mile repeats on Saturday mornings. I tried my best to keep up with that guy so I could talk to him a bit between intervals. After one of those workouts, I had coffee with Suzanne, Manda & Erin. I confided in them that I liked "this guy named Rick."

*Running the Boston marathon - my favorite road race ever. Qualifying for it was rough (I was running on very, very tired legs), but the actual race was magical.

*Early morning runs in the dark and cold - some might think them lonely, but I found them peaceful.

*And every run in between.

I used to be so sad when I thought of saying good-bye to running. I denied it and tried to outwit my body with knee injections and knee braces. Silly me. With time comes a more sensible attitude.   I am grateful that I had so many amazing experiences and memories associated with running. It's time for me to apply that same attitude towards other activities.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 13, 2013

I had another blog post up for about 10 hours until I came to my senses and deleted it. I realized when re-reading it (always reread what you've written - I know, I am full of nuggets of wisdom) that I was doing too much whining. I'm trying to minimize my whining these days, so that post had to go. On a happy note, I have rejoined the Peluso Open Water crew. After IMFL, my motivation to get in the pool waned to the point of non-existence. I figured I needed a break so I took most of the winter off from swimming - with an occasional short flail-around session every once in awhile.

Well...I'm back. And I am out of swimming shape. But, I've got to start somewhere. I have actually looked forward to these workouts this week (sort of) because I know that a) they will be worth my time b) I'll see all kinds of people I like. In just two sessions, Laure has addressed some major technique flaws of mine with her various drills and pep talks.  I'm also trying to get back to strength training (in addition to yoga). My arms and core are really feeling it today after strength training last night and swimming (with all kinds of push ups and sprints) this morning. It's a "good" soreness, though.

One night (while procrastinating), I stumbled across what is now my favorite blog. The author (who happens to be a Vermont girl and Middlebury grad, so you know she's awesome) is a down-to-earth little speedster. Her blog makes me laugh. Check it out here - I think you'll love it.