Monday, May 9, 2011


I have been a distracted spazz this winter/spring. I couldn't seem to figure out exactly what in the world I wanted to do re: triathlons. Aquabikes? Sprints?  Leisurely rides around Hanover County?

First, please know that when I write that I will never run again, I am lying (like a rug). What that really means is that I am beyond frustrated with some random injury. Happily, I did start running again (just a little) about a month ago. My promise to myself is to keep my runs short and shorter. I managed to do a whole bunch of sprint triathlons last spring without getting injured. And then I deviated from my plan and tried to run too much. Big mistake - and it forced me to stop running for 6 months.

Second, I still don't like open water swims - especially ones that are very cold, quite choppy and too long. In other words, this year's "Rumpus in Bumpass." Let's just say that my friends who opted out of that swim are far wiser than me. That freezing, choppy swim set me back in terms of swimming confidence BIG time.  My hands were so numb that I actually could not take off my wetsuit. Crazy.  I realized that 750 meters is about as long as I like to be in open water. And with this regained knowledge, I suddenly discovered what I wanted to do this year (the ol' silver lining...)

Yes indeed - I like the sweet little sprint triathlons.

Well...they aren't exactly sweet since they take anywhere from 1:00-1:30 hours (on average) at a very, very high intensity.

But, the training time is far more reasonable for those of us who like to spend our weekends doing things besides training for 6 hours a day (no offense intended to all my wacko friends and my husband who enjoy this kind of thing - rock on with yo' bad selves...)

So, I am happy about this new/old plan. I'll do some fun, local races this summer AND have a life.