Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Now that makes sense

Now that I've gained some sanity regarding my knees, training and triathlons, I'm feeling incredibly positive about 2010.

Here's what I've figured out...

* I am not doing anymore long-distance triathlons. Period. That was just me being sentimental... and stupid. I do not need to abuse my surgically-repaired knees anymore than necessary. (Thank you to Amanda and Suzanne for helping me see the light). And, as cool as completing a long race is, the recovery time (both mentally and physically) can be a extensive. I'm ready to say goodbye to that era of my life.

* The century ride next fall in Arizona for Team in Training is a no-go (dammit). While I have lots of flexibility in my schedule to a point, I can not justify missing class time in the middle of the fall semester for this ride (even though it's a fantastic cause).

* Happily, Team in Training is going to designate a local triathlon for the summer schedule. I do believe it's going to to be "I Love the Tavern." I've never competed in this race, but I'm looking forward to taking it on as a member of TNT. One of the advantages of a local race is that it won't conflict with my summer teaching schedule. But, I still get to do my part for TNT.

* I'm genuinely looking forward to doing some sprint distance triathlons in and around town. My focus is simply to stay healthy and fit, work out with some structure, and have fun.

* I'm also looking forward to fun rides. Last year's highlights include: the Heart of Virginia century, RABA Waverly rides (one where SanDee and I rode down along the James River - aka the Chesapeake Bay according to SanDee - and the other where Molly fell in love), and rides around Hanover County with TNT.

See? It makes sense.


TriGirl 40 Something said...

Sounds like great and fun plans. Count me in for some of those bike rides! Still in for a run/walk Turkey Trot on Thursday?

Cyndi said...

Awww, SQ, you know I will miss having you at IMFL '11 but I also know you are one smart girl so I will have to endure training without your smiling face! You '10 plan sounds like lots of fun and I, too, would love to join you on some of those rides. :) See you soon! xoxo

SusieQ said...

DB & C:

yes and yes!