Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crazy friends

It's true. I hang around with a crazy bunch.

I'm looking forward to sharing in SOME of the training adventures of my friends who all just signed up for Ironman Canada in 2010. As far as I know, the following psychos are all in: Shawn, Karen, Shelley, Lynn, Carrie, Amy, Dr. Rick and, of course, my Rick.

There may be some others out there who haven't 'fessed up, but they'll admit what they've done soon enough.

While I have "retired" from Ironman distances events (my knees said, "No ma'am" when asked if they'd like to partake), I am excited to do part of the training with the Canada people. First, I am playing around with the idea of doing another amazing event for Team in Training in the late spring: a century ride around Lake Tahoe. It calls itself "America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride" and I'm thinking that may be true.

And, I figure the Canada people will do a half-ironman race here and there to prep for the big race, so you never know, I may be inspired to do the aquabike portion of a 70.3.


Jennifer said...

My friend Sam is a coach for Team in Training's Lake Tahoe century. She said it really was one of the best century rides she ever did. I'm thinking about doing it too...if I could only get a full-time job first!! :-)

SusieQ said...

How cool would it for both of us to peddle around Tahoe?
and fingers crossed for a job..

Jennifer said...

That would be very cool! Also very cool if I found a job :-) Thansk for the reference!

TriGirl Kate O said...

It was VERY hard to not sign up with everyone, but I'm hoping I can tag along as a sherpa. I too will be training with them at least through July for my A race 1/2 ironman in CA. I too hear the Tahoe century is amazing!