Monday, September 7, 2009

Saturday ride

How gorgeous was the weather this weekend? Virginia is quite a place.

This week, we had tickets to the UVA/William & Mary football game (if you can call what UVA does as playing football) so I knew I'd have to start my ride earlier than the Team in Training group. Luckily, a large contingent of the Ironman Florida crew (including Rick) had planned a long ride out in Goochland. They graciously let me tag along.

The first few miles were very chilly, but we warmed up quickly as we headed across Broad St to St Matthew's Lane. I do adore riding out that way. Quiet country roads, horse farm after horse farm, Patty zipping along laughing all the way - you get the picture.

On the second loop, I had to deviate from the group due to a time crunch to get to the tailgate party in Charlottesville. I rode a slightly different route with Rick and Tammy that included Miller's Lane and Shallow Well. I don't get tired of riding out there. I think it's gorgeous. I did spy Bart and Bethany riding down Miller's, too. They looked happy & relaxed - but still fast. Too fast for me to see Bethany's new M-dot tattoo!

While I didn't ride the 90 miles the IMFL crew rode, I still logged 75 miles - my longest ride in over a year. And, my knees seemed to handle the work fairly well.

As for UVA football, I won't be cutting any more workouts short for them. Now the Richmond Spiders...well...that's a different story.


TriGirl 40 Something said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful bike! Sorry about the UVA game - hope you had a fun time.

TriGirl 40 Something said...

BTW - I like the new "cool places I've ridden my bike" section.

SusieQ said...

We'll add to the cool places in October - but hopefully before!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I LOVED the W&M/UVA game! Snicker. But enough already about football and bike rides. I want deets on the big day!!!!

Anonymous said...

And I just realized you need to update your profile "About Me" to include wife!!! ;-)

Scotia Girl said...

Shoot! I was at the game! Let me know if you are coming to anymore. Jim gets tickets since he's coaching at UVA again this year...(wrestling!...NOT FOOTBALL). lol.