Monday, March 30, 2009

Monument Ave 10K

Since I couldn't run the 10K this year (or more accurately, run into the Kids race and cross the finish line with the youngsters - see last year's report for more details), I opted to volunteer. It's a big race with a ton of opportunities to help out, but I think I may have picked one of the cooler options.

I worked the finish line.

Back in my cross-country/track coaching days, I tried to avoid the finish line due to the high probability that someone would throw up at the end (happens all the time in the mile and the cross country races - those kids fly!)

There was some vomit - but luckily the guy missed Debbie Jo (barely). Debbie Jo, of course, handled the situation with humor (as always - love her).

A couple of volunteering highlights:

1. Handing out the medals to the little guys & gals at the end of kids mile race. They were all so proud of themselves. Nothing like seeing a 7 year proudly wearing her medal. It really, really made my day.

2. Being in charge (along with several other volunteers) of the elite finishers. I was "in charge" of the second place male. He spoke a little English (he's from Ethiopia) and could flat out run (hello 4:30 miles). I made sure he had water, a towel and food. I also had to make sure he made it to the awards ceremony on time (which was somewhat tricky due to the language barrier).

3. Seeing so many familiar faces at the finish: Sandy L, Fave, Shelley, Anna, Debbie Jo, Patti, Heidi, Kelly, Sharona, Kate O & Maddie - I'm sorry I didn't see all of you - great racing!

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