Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coming along

When I mention to random people that I have a physical therapy appointment, they cringe and say things like, "I bet it's awful" or "Do they just torture you?" It's actually just the opposite.
PT is actually a reaffirming experience for me. I leave PT (at times with very tired legs) knowing that I am healing...that I am making progress.
For the past month, Jim has only seen me every other week since many of the exercises I can do on my own. I spent time building more strength (which will be ongoing for quite awhile).
As of yesterday, however, we have moved into a new phase of rehab. I still do all the leg strength work (and I've gained a respectable amount of strength in a month), but now we've added some "dynamic" work.
"Dynamic?" you ask.
Yes, that's what I wrote.
Jim has a nifty pilates machine that I met yesterday.
It's the first step towards putting some more force (i.e. running) on the knee. I push off from the bottom and it propels me upwards - and then I have to concentrate on landing lightly. Occasionally, I can do it right.
Jim chuckles at me in much the same way that ProKaren cracks up when we try to do the butterfly. Evil geniuses, I call those two.
Here's the new plan:
1. I return to PT for 2x/week sessions to work on the dynamic exercises.
2. We are going to adjust my peddles to try to help my knees and feet stay in better alignment.
3. I can start to ride outdoors again - but I have to start with short, slow rides at first.
4. I can return to doing the core & arm exercises at strength workouts. However, my days of (trying to) spring up on the steps are over for good. Jim said that is a big no-no for my knees.
5. Let pain be my guide when it comes to swimming and indoor cycling. I can try to stand on my peddles today - but I still need to lay off (my feeble excuse for) flip turns.
And finally, Jim warned me that, while my knees should be well-healed in a month or two, it really takes a year to heal completely from knee surgery.

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TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

So excited for you and the progress you are making! You have such a great attitude! Hugs!