Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The latest..

I'm wondering why Richmond is never quite cold enough for snow. I'm watching some kind of sleetish-stuff falling from the sky. Yuck - snow is much prettier.

Anyway, I met with Dr Higgs yesterday. It turns out that, yes indeed, that was a piece of cartilage I saw on the pictures. He was quite pleased with how nicely my patella popped into place after the lateral release procedure. But, he did tell me he wishes that I'd had this surgery on my knee years ago (who knew?). I do have a spot that has no cartilage - which means my bone is exposed in one spot. He told me that steep hills and stairs would probably always be a problem for that knee. On a bright note, the rest of my knee is very healthy - no signs of arthritis, etc. Based on how much popping my knee made before surgery (combined with pain & swelling), WebMD diagnosed me with osteoarthritis, too. Dr Higgs trumps WedMD every time.

Anyway, I'm being quite a dutiful PT patient. I'd like to ditch the crutches and brace asap. The crutches have knocked over more than one glass of water (maddening) and the brace...well...it doesn't go with most of my outfits. It's also a wee bit cumbersome hoisting it (and my leg) into my car.

Most of all, I miss walking Josie through my 'hood.

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denise w said...

I know...why can't we ever get a decent snow around here? Last night on the news, he said the last significant snowfall was in 2003 (and I don't consider 5 inches all that significant), and 10 inches in 2001 (more like it!) I went out this morning in the sleet and got groceries. Messy. Wish I lived closer to you...I could be your gofer!