Thursday, January 22, 2009


Knee surgery was not in my grand plan for 2009. In fact, I ignored the doctor when he first told me it was what I needed. Luckily, my prognosis looks pretty good. I'll get all the nitty-gritty details of my knee's health next week when I return to Dr Higgs. That's when I'll have him explain each picture he took of my surgery. I think two pictures show the before and after position of my patella. Another picture shows (again - I think) the piece of floating cartilage that was giving me fits all fall.

Okay - that stuff isn't what's so humbling. What is humbling to me is how much I've had to rely on the generosity of my friends to help me get to where I need to be (Lynn, SanDee, Deanna B, Cathy F), feed me (Kate O, Grandison, SanDee - Annnn-in the future), send treats (Cyndi, Annie, Mom), visits (Lynn, Karen H, Kate O) and boost my spirits with emails, calls and text messages (a slew of good people). And Rick - well, he has just been simply amazing. Don't be fooled by his occasional smart-alecky remarks, he is a softie and has been so good to me.

It brings home the realization that even when you feel alone, if you have good friends or family (luckily, I have both), you are never alone. And if you have a neurotic dog (like mine), you are literally never alone. Luckily, Josie fears my crutches, so she hasn't tripped me yet.


Trigirl Shawn said...

Hang tough Susie! You'll be back in no time, at least in the saddle and in the water. We all miss you and are looking forward to your return!

Kate said...

So happy to hear your recovery is going well.