Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy update

Two days after my surgery, I cried. My knee was...well...rather grotesque. Three times the size of the other knee, stitched up, immobile, painful. I thought, "What have I done?"

17 days later, I'm thinking, "When can I fix the other one?" Amazing what a little time can do.

I don't need my brace anymore - and I only use one crutch when I go out. At home, I walk around fairly normally. My knee still has a fair amount of swelling (especially after I do my exercises), so Jim M (PT extraordinaire) gave me a compression sleeve for my knee. He also has been "massaging" my lower IT band (near - but not on - where the release was done) during each PT session. OUCH is all I can say. While his massages cause me to grip the side of the table so I don't scream, they have loosened up whatever is causing tightness in my knee. Yesterday (drum roll please) I was able to ride a stationary bike normally. Yes - I could make a full revolution with my surgically-repaired knee. I couldn't do that on Wednesday.

Today, Rick is bringing me my bike and trainer from Maramarc. I'm not allowed to use my biking shoes (no clipping in yet) or any tension on the trainer, but the simple cycling movement is supposed to be excellent for my knee's healing.

Soon, I'll be able to walk Josie again - that is if she'll ever leave Rick's side.


Ceeej said...

That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you.

TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Awesome news! Baby Blue is going to be happy to see you, too. Looking forward to riding with you soon!

Kate said...

Wow, that's fast. Happy biking!

TriGirl Kate O said...