Friday, September 5, 2008

Hi there

It's me. Just wanted you all to know that I am alive and well.

I am currently in the "I am not training for anything mode" (at last) - and I love it. I absolutely LOVE training. But, I also love some down time. Yes - for the first time in two years (seriously), I can just be silly on a Friday night. Yum to the dirty martinis....

Belated congratulations to the complete stud IM Louisville finishers (honestly- WHY do people do that race???) - that would be the sweet Carlton, Som (who has now completed 1 million ironman races), and our beloved (and speedy) TG Joan. Major hugs and love to you all!

So very sad for the TGs who can't do the Patriot half tomorrow due to Tropical storm Hanna. Being a total psycho (at least i admit it), I would do whatever I could to sign up for another half this fall. But that's me - and I don't think I'm the greatest role model all the time.

"Why do you say that, Susie Q?" (or perhaps you've fallen asleep by now?)
Alas - I'm dealing with some unexpected knee pain (knee pain is not a typical issue for me - so I am a bit freaked out right now) ...which may have been brought on by my good/bad idea to do the whole Timberman race. matter how much my body is rebelling right now (why ya gotta be that way?), I finished an official 70.3 with one of my brothers. I will never regret that.

More later..

In the meantime...happy wishes for a great race to Blakey, Dr Rick and Aimee G (Milo misses you). Hugs to you, crazy kids!!! And hi to Sarah L. Have fun out in the heartland :)


TriGirl Kate O said...

Knee pain?! Are you still foam rolling?

Cyndi said...

Uh oh. Knee pain? I still remember what Rick said in LP about his knee pain: doctor says if the ice doesn't work . . . .

Now both of you with knee issues!?! Hope the ice works for one of you -- otherwise, thank goodness you're not training for anything! You'll need your energy! ;)


SusieQ said...


Just remember:
Rick = trouble