Monday, September 8, 2008


to Ironman Wisconsin finishers: Dr Rick, Blake and first-timer Aimee G. It sure was fun to track you all!

And now our attention turns to the Chesapeakeman full (Karen B) and aquabikers (IMFLers + Molly) - as well as the Ironman Arizona and Florida people.

If memory serves me (and sometimes mine doesn't), you are now hitting your peak training weeks. The good news is you can eat a LOT. Of course, you'll be burning massive calories as a result of your major workouts.

Stay hydrated and rested!


TriGirl Kate O said...

We are so proud of our IMWI finishers!

In addition to eating, don't forget the crazy urges to nap--there are some afternoons where I have to force myself away from the couch!

Kate said...

Finally, the phase of training where we get to eat non stop, yeah!