Friday, March 28, 2008

Ride however you can

Ahhh....spring is here. As much as I love my homeland (New Hampshire), spring in Virginia is a marvelous thing. I loved reading Bethany's description of walking her dog on a gorgeous in bloom, birds singing. It's simply invigorating. So, why am I riding indoors for 4.5 hours tomorrow? First, it's not going to be 70 tomorrow morning. It's predicted to be 42 degrees. I will run in just about any kind of weather (it was 10 degrees out when my sister-in-law and I ran on Christmas morning this year), but I will not cycle in that kind of chill. Not to sound like a complete wimp, but my hands frequently go completely numb (as in totally white with no feeling) when I get really cold. I have Raynaud's syndrome, which is not really a big deal until I try to ride my bike in cold weather. Shifting and braking is tricky with numb fingers. I'm sure there are super-fancy gloves out there that can help alleviate this situation. But, I have not budgeted for more cycling gear this year. I'm trying to be frugal, so don't encourage me to spend more on gear!
But, the biggest reason I'm riding indoors is that it's our last Saturday of indoor cycling. When I'm on a trainer, I can actually keep up with my hardcore cycling training partners. After spending the winter together, we have a certain kind of crazy indoor bond. We can talk and laugh (and occasionally cry on those power repeats)without worrying about a pothole or a too-close-for-comfort driver. We share funny stories. We listen to Mark bemoan the Cleveland sports situation. We watch as Rick tries to convince Mark to shorten our workout (it never works). We try to keep Lynn from complaining about the music (which only makes Mark angry - not unlike the Incredible Hulk). We see who will come off their aerobars first - and be penalized with more aero time. We listen to Michael "sing" along with Journey. (No, you didn't misread that). We try out different sports drinks and bars. I'm completely sold on Hammer & Clif products, so if you see me eating anything else, it's just for a little variety. Yum...peeps.
Yes - 4.5 hours is a long time inside. But, it's a lot easier with company. We race alone (unless you are Deanna B at the Patriot Half - sorry DB, I couldn't resist), so it certainly is nice to train alongside a friend.


Diane said...

Have a great ride!

TriGirl 40 said...

It took me a few minutes to get, but I am lol now.

Hope you had a great indoor ride - it was a bit chilly outside this morning!

Cyndi said...

Ah! Raynaud's! That stinks! I have a friend who has that and she says her hands are in mind-numbing pain when they get too cold. You are a smart girl to have stayed indoors today -- it was freeeeezing outside at WC (and I, of course, didn't even have to experience the chilly wind on the bike!) 5 hours indoors, though? You're a tough chick!


Melissa said...

I am sad to have to wait another whole year...or 9 months...for Indorr Training to start again. I love the torture.