Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Deal with it

That is what I'm saying to myself.
Forgive me for one blog moment while I do a little whining. As many of you know, I (for some sick reason) like to run.
Lately, my right foot has been complaining to me about running. I've been dealing with right heel pain (as in plantar fasciitis) for over a year. It comes and goes - with no apparent pattern. I've been to two sports medicine doctors, endured a cortisone shot in the heel and even completed physical therapy.
Goodness gracious - I even sleep with a crazy-looking splint on it to keep the tendons stretched as I slumber.
And it still hurts.
It makes me a little crabby, too.

So, I've created a new injury-management plan to try to make myself feel like I have control over this situation.
Here it is....

Ice the injury at least 2x/day.
Eliminate the week day runs for a few weeks (and substitute in swimming or the elliptical machine.)
Stretch a bit more (maybe someday I'll join TriDi at yoga or pilates...maybe)
Stop moping.


trigirl kate o said...

My favorite pain-management strategy: drink more vodka. That way you feel no pain.

fave-a-licious said...

hahah i like kate's pain management!

i feel your pain...figuratively. i have succombed to weekday training on the elliptical to bt lighter on the knee. the things we do to ourselves! i call it ellipticalizing!

Cyndi said...

WAIT! You mean your supposed to listen to the doctors? Crap. . . if only I'd known.

Although, you know, your story is exactly why I didn't listen to the doctor with my achilles. You've been a good girl and done everything they've said and still, you have pain. I've been a bad girl and have done absolutely nothing they've said and still I have pain. I'm thinking Kate O is really the only person we should listen to. She seems to have the only plan that truly involves no pain.

C :)

Diane said...

I agree with Kate O too! Although I still think you should join me in yoga and especially in ZUMBA!!! Fun fun fun!