Monday, March 22, 2010


First, let me just say that if you ever want to get an amazing bargain on something, go to the Team in Training silent auction! The silent auction last week was a smashing success, partially because my friends donated some awesome things - and my friends bought many of the awesome things. Mucho love to Cindy, Ashton, Lynnie, Jilly-bean, Shawnie, Karen, Deanna, Scott, and, of course, Rick. Best of all, the funds raised go towards curing cancer.

This past weekend, we headed to Virginia Beach to enjoy (question mark?) some races. Actually, I did enjoy the 8K. I am beyond excited that I can race again. Granted, my pace is not where it once was when I was just a young lass in my early 30s. I hope it comes back, but even if it doesn't, it's so much fun to take part in these events. A year off from running + two knee surgeries will make a lady grateful...yes, indeed.

Anyway, Rick toed the line for the Shamrock marathon. He was having a great day - until around mile 17. Alas, the relative heat (for March) and wind got the best of him. He finished (despite what the website reports) about 10 minutes off what he had hoped to do.

He seemed fine at first. But, as we headed further away from the medical tent, he started to show signs of serious dehydration. He could walk from one bench on the boardwalk to another. And then he'd have to rest. He complained of a terrible headache and awful nausea. Yup - telltale signs of dehydration. I knew we were too far away from the medical tent AND our condo.

I hightailed it to the car - only to discover that the roads were closed where I had left Rick. sweet husband was alone and throwing up - and I was in a bind.

Thankfully, a kind parking lot attendant could tell I was in a state of panic. She let me park my car in an overflowing lot near Rick.

Such a sad sight. There he was...slumped over on the sidewalk. Poor guy. Luckily, he's tough and recovers quickly. It's weird how things that are so bad for you taste so good when you're dehydrated. Pringles and coke....the magic antidote.

And - we figured out that he still finished in the top 20 for his age group. Dehydration and all.


Ceeej said...

SCARY stuff. Glad you were able to take care of him.

Fave said...

you and rick are pretty awesome people. at least in my opinion. and well that's the one that counts in this world :)
sorry i missed the silent auction.
late track + friend in tears breaking up = emergency wine session.
i loves me some SQ

Racn4acure said...

Now that is a race to remember. I am glad he is OK. Good thing you were with him. Way to go on the 8K and the tri last week.