Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ode to my bike

Several years ago, one of my favorite people, Anne JT, convinced me that the new bike I wanted for my 40th birthday was the completely fantastic Trek Madone. I have complete faith in Anne and her cycling knowledge (which is probably quite frightening to her twin, Lynne) so I went ahead and bought Sweet Baby Gray. Of course, that year, I was doing nothing but flat races (Eagleman, Patriot Half, IMFL) and probably could've used a Tribike.

However, I am not made of money (indeed - I'm pretty sure I am made of blood, cartilage, arteries, organs, etc), so I was only shelling out cash for one bike.

I went with the road bike.

And I am completely grateful for the sage advice from Anne and the rest of the crew at East Coasters in Blacksburg (an awesome bike shop).

I had no idea that, in a few years, my focus would shift from triathlons to road biking.

My road bike has started to fill the void left by the absence of running from my life.

I finish a ride and...I'm happy. More importantly, my ol' knees are happy.

She is accompanying me on my two-week trip to the northeast. Hopefully, we'll get some riding time in Lake Placid and NH. I am somewhat fearful of my NH ride. My brother Matt has some kind of hell ride planned (he is cut from the same cloth as Coach Blake).

Stay tuned..


TriGirl Kate O said...

So, I take it your Miller-ized road fit is a good one? Any interest in helping/accompanying Bethany on our bombs down the Keene hill pre-race?

TriGirl 40 Something said...

Yes, yes, please come do a few warm up rides with us in Placid!!!!

Was great seeing you yesterday.