Sunday, July 12, 2009

More fun on the road

Another weekend = another new bike ride

This weekend, SanDee J ("The Teenager"), Molly ("Man Dropper"), Sharon ("Darbalicious"), Lynn ("Lynnie Lou") and I headed to Waverly for a 50+ mile ride with RABA.

Once again...we finished the ride laughing our heads off (not literally).

It all started innocently. Molly was riding about a quarter mile ahead of us with some unknown guy. We threw around the idea of trying to catch her (and her new boyfriend). But, we were only at about mile 10 of a 56 mile ride, so we opted to keep her in our sights.

We came to an intersection along the way and (wisely) stopped to check the cue sheet. Meanwhile, Molly and her man stopped, too - but they were far enough up the road to make conversation basically impossible. We quickly realized that we missed a turn and needed to backtrack. We yelled to Molly and the stranger.

They looked us, waved us off and kept on the wrong direction!

Well...we knew that they had the same cue sheet as us, but apparently, they were reading it upside down?

Anyway, we turned around and headed towards the mid-way store stop - all the while wondering what Molly and the man were going.

At the store stop, we caught up with the rest of the group (who had not missed the turn), refueled, and continued on the ride. Sharon did manage to get Molly on her cellphone - and according to Molly, "They were just fine."

We, of course, hypothesized that Molly and her strange man were now engaged - after a brief 90 minute courtship by bike. We pictured them sitting by their bikes in a meadow, gazing into one another's eyes, sipping Gatorade. Romantic, isn't it?

Fast forward to the end of the ride: up ahead on the road, we spot a cyclist walking his bike up a small hill. Helmet off, sweaty, ripped shorts - it looked like he had just finished one of the mountain stages of the Tour.

Fancy our surprise when we realized that this was Molly's man. Apparently, she had set a pace that he was not ready to keep.

Okay - we've found Molly's man.....but where is Molly?? We knew she didn't have a cue sheet...or a riding partner at this point.

Our vision of wedding bells was completely out the window at this point. Instead, we figured she had inadvertently ridden to Petersburg.

That seemed like a fair punishment for ditching your friends for a guy in blue cycling shorts, don't you think?

Miraculously, Molly appeared (like a mirage) at the final intersection into Waverly. Note: she was traveling in the opposite direction from us. Lord knows where she rode.

I don't think she even knows - and that cracked us up even more.


Lynn said...

Always a fun adventure!

SusieQ said...

Looking forward to many more with you, LL!