Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A little more progress

Last year, for unknown reasons, I loved to do kicking drills in the pool. I don't know why. I also like tequila shots, so you get that I'm not 100% normal.

This year, I have been a non-kicker (knee surgery - as if you didn't know). I think I actually forgot how to pull, rotate AND kick while swimming. I've been pulling and rotating with minimal kicking since January.

Until Karen H (aka ProKaren or Ironwoman Cananda) pointed out that it might be a wise move for me to start kicking again.

I tried it out tentatively. I've had some moments when if I kick too hard, my knees kick me right back. Darn knees.

Last night, I could actually incorporate a little kicking back into my swimming.

But forget about springing off the blocks. No thank you. I will try that out when I am healed enough to run again. (How about that bartering with myself?)

And, most importantly, this morning, my knees weren't uncomfortably tight and stiff from swimming.

The healing continues.

1 comment:

katebott said...

You truly are the bionic woman! Yay to the progress... Keep on kicking!!!