Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finding peace

Once upon a time I was heartbroken to have to drop out of Lake Placid.

And then I saw their workout for this weekend...and I was no longer heartbroken.

But seriously, I am in awe of all my many friends who are training for Lake Placid. They have worked so hard, battling injuries, fears, and the crunch of IM training. You all are my heroes.

Meanwhile, I am in a great frame of mind in terms of training and general health. I actually feel sore this week. I haven't felt sore from riding or strength training or swimming in awhile (not including soreness from surgery, of course). I love it.

After consulting with my posse of people-who-know-a-lot-more-than-me-about-cycling, I've decided to : a) update my bike fit and b) transform my bike back into a pure road bike. At least for the next year, my focus is on doing long rides - but not races. I'm really intrigued by the world of century rides (I think). It seems like a great way to stay fit, see the world, collect cool t-shirts - and be able to stay connected with my triathlon friends (I plan to tag along on many of the Ironman Florida training rides as I train for a couple of century rides - most notably the Farm Ride in Massachusetts and Seagull Century on the Eastern shore of Maryland).

So there you go - there is life post-surgery. And it's a good one.


Kate said...

I dread to think what the IMLP folks are doing this weekend!

Glad you have some concrete goals ahead of you, it's good for the body an soul. I would love to join in some of the IMFL rides myself, so stay in touch.

margo said...

dude - i am also thinking about becoming a century geek. when are you riding next? i need a reason to get my bike out of storage (yes, storage - how pathetic is that!!).

SusieQ said...

Join us @ WC tomorrow morning - 7 AM. We're doing the 25 miler out into Goochland with the Florida girls.

Keri said...

I just found your blog while searching lateral release. I too am a Red Sox fan and a runner (although not a triathlete...I just train for marathons). I dislocated my knee AGAIN last week while on a weekday 7-mile run, and now docs are saying lateral release might be my best option. Your blog is great inspiration that I might get back to some form of activity. Good luck with your recovery!

tri-ing races not cases said...

I'll be ready for some plain old road biking with you in August (of course after I lay around like a sloth for a few weeks).