Sunday, March 8, 2009

That's pretty cool

I know that some of you are probably tired of my blogging about my knee. Sorry. But, I know that when I was researching the lateral release procedure, I found very little information that documented the real experience. Basically, I read either scientific journal articles (confusing) or people ranting about how it didn't work for them (scary & depressing).

I also knew that it was highly likely that my other knee would eventually need some kind of surgery (confirmed) - and I thought this would be a reasonable way to document my experience (the good, the bad and the ugly).
Much to my surprise, I've had two lateral release patients find my blog - that's pretty darn cool!
So...7.5 weeks post-surgery, this is where I am:

a) I rode on the trainer for 90 minutes on Saturday. I haven't been on my bike that long since December. And - after my 90 minute ride in December, my knee blew up like a balloon and I could barely walk the next day (darn cartilage piece). Yesterday, my surgically repaired knee felt really good. I did try to stand up for a moment - OUCH - not quite ready for that yet. I'm doing endless one-legged drills and can clip in and out of my pedals fearlessly again. I'm not riding outside yet. I think I need to build up some more strength in ye olde quads - and where the actual release was performed is still a bit tender (would not want to wipe out on it).

b) I'm swimming with the pull buoy still. After Wednesday, I'm supposed to transition from the pull buoy to light kicking. Pain will be the guide on that one. I'm still not very comfortable pushing off the wall with the right leg - it doesn't feel quite right.

c) I had a little miscalculation. I should expect to be almost 100% by mid-May (not mid-April) - four months post-surgery.

d) Walking upstairs is beginning to feel better. It used to kill me, so I'm happy to feel the improvements.

e) Running - I really can't think about that right now because I will cry. (I've lost track now of how many times I've cried because I can't run). I need to focus on what I can do comfortably - biking and swimming.

So there you go...steady progress - love that!


Denise W said...

Just a little inspiration for ya...Jeff's working on about four months post-op, and was able to run about six yesterday. He looked so relieved! It'll come, just hang in there.

Ashley said...

great blog! I recently had 2 lateral releases- the first 7 days are the hardest!

Anonymous said...

I am scheduled to have lateral release week! eek! i have had recurrent (never know when theyll happen) lateral subluxations. It makes running difficult bc I'm afraid it will happen because I have a high tilt..and rides laterally. What was the reason for yours?