Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's official

My sad ol' knee needs surgery. Both of the surgeons I consulted with agreed on the plan.

I finally understand what they mean by my patella being out of alignment. I saw it right on the x-ray. My right knee cap sits at an angle, rather than almost flat (as it should). Consequently, the wear on the cartilage under my knee has been uneven. Both doctors believe this has been coming on for a long time (many years). But, I've finally worn it down to the point where I'm now causing damage to the cartilage. One doctor said that I was able to keep on going for so long due to my strong quads. Ha! They don't feel very strong right now since I haven't been able to do much strength work or hill running for months. But, for those of you who shun strength training, you may want to rethink that choice. Merci beaucoup to Ed and Mark for their killer strength workouts. You two kept me going much longer than I could have otherwise. And, I have no doubt that you'll help me get up and running again.

Anyway, in mid-January, I'll be undergoing arthroscopic surgery where they'll do a chondroplasty (I think I got the name right) and a lateral release. I'll jump (not literally) right into PT after the surgery.

From there, I'll slowly build up my quad strength again - and hopefully, get back into reasonable amounts of running and biking -and obviously swimming,too.

Please note I wrote "reasonable" amounts of running. I would be very, very happy to get back to a point of running 5-6 miles painfree again.

My knees are fragile - and my cartilage is finite.

I don't want to say that I will "never" do another Ironman race or marathon again. But, I have a great doubts that those kind of distances are what's best for me.
Yup - it only took four orthopedic specialists telling me that AND surgery for me to finally get it.

But, I didn't say I would "never" do another triathlon again - did I? Time will tell what the distance will be.


Kate said...

My gosh at least you have some resolution and know what you can do. All the best with the surgery and recovery.

Ceeej said...

I'm so sorry - I know that isn't any of what you wanted to hear.

But even if you never do another Ironman - you ARE an Ironman and no surgeon can take that away from you.

Thanks for keeping us posted and we'll be looking forward to your recovery.

TriGirl Kate O said...

That really sucks, but I'm hoping they can fix you up good so we can tri together! Sending lots of love your way.

Annn said...

I have put three bottles of wine in the fridge. Come over any time.

TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Grrr. Those dang doctors, especially when they are right.

If anyone can return to running, it will be you, our Susie Q.

Denise W said...

Unfortunately, you can't do much about heredity and the way you're built. Kudos on knowing what's best for YOUR body. I foresee lots of sprints/Olympics in your future....since you are an infinitely wise woman. :-)
All the best if I don't see ya before the surgery.

Cyndi said...


I just read this and I am so sorry!!! I think a pre-op dinner & wine is in order!! Geez, SQ, I don't know what to say. . . so, so sorry.