Sunday, September 14, 2008


After reflecting a bit and most importantly, checking in with Mark & Grandison, I have a new attitude about the ol' knees:

1. I did not provide full disclosure to my doctor. He doesn't know that I did all of Timberman. In other words, he doesn't know the whole story of the abuse I put my knees through in August.

2. I have had these crazy knees all my life.

3. Perhaps if I allow myself to come back to running very, very slowly, my knees may be able to handle things a little better.

4. This fall is all about healing and maintaining fitness. I'd like to being indoor cycling with fresh, healthy legs.

So all is not lost. Ironman Lake Placid is still on my 2009 calendar.


margo said...

i want your knees to feel better but i want you to be healthy too - i'll see you at the pool (as i am still on my running hiatus until i sign on the dotted line for IMFL)!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Is there any creative way to tape the knee or brace you can wear to keep it tracking in the right place? So glad you're still in for Placid!

Trigirl Shawn said...

Rest up Susie! Your ol' knees will be fine with some rest and relaxation!

Lynn said...

Take care Susie Q. Sorry to hear you are having pains!

Amanda said...

After reading this, I vote you say "the hell with Lake Placid" girlfriend. I know "time will tell" but I want to be able to run road races with you, Slap, Hammer, etc. when we are old women. I'm talking O.L.D. We will all love you equally if you do shorter races, aqua races, etc. In fact, I will be most proud of you just sit back and be proud of your accomplishments and truly listen to your body. We only get one and remember, you got into this for your health - you don't want it to hinder it. I MISS YOU! :) Love, A.

SusieQ said...

XO to you Manda!!!!!