Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Timberman 70.3 (Part I)

It seems that I didn't quite do what said I was going to do in my last post.

At the very last minute, I switched back to the full 70.3 Timberman adventure.


Because for the very first time, I was racing with my brother. We talked a little about what it would be like to see each other out there on the course....and I got teary. Maybe, just maybe, I could do the whole thing. I promised myself (and Coach Blake) that I would take it very, very easy on the run.

And for the very first time, my mom would be a spectator - along with my sister-in-law and two of my adorable nephews.

And so...the good people of Timberman very kindly let me switch back to doing the full race.

I nearly cried when they let me back into the full race (or perhaps those were tears of panic?)

I did get choked up when I saw my mom out there - cheering and waving. I looked back to wave at her one more time on the bike course - and nearly crashed into another competitor. Oops - not a good move.

More about the actual race experience later...

But, I will state that Timberman is my very favorite half-ironman race (so far) - as well as the hardest one I've completed yet.


TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

I could so feel your happiness in this post.

Congrats on an awesome race.

And more importantly - for having the opportunity for experiencing your favorite half IM race with family and friends.

tryingtotri said...

That sounds like a great reason to do it!