Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Random update

After a very busy and challenging spring racing season, I am really enjoying my "quieter" summer training period. I am taking a much-needed break from running while keeping up a moderate level of swimming, cycling, strength training (and wine drinking).

And I find myself really, really enjoying every workout.

Don't get me wrong. I really loved my extended intense training period from December, 2006-May, 2008. But, I realize that it is equally as important to fit in "down" times. That doesn't mean that I sit around eating Doritos all day (but I do love Doritos).

But I also don't need to ride 100 miles or run 18 miles every weekend year-round.

So what are my goals right now?

The biggest goal is to heal my right foot completely. I have really pushed it beyond where it should be pushed. I finally realized that I don't need to walk around in pain every day. That actually isn't normal. So, after almost 3 weeks of complete rest from running, I am feeling a big difference. I'm looking forward to running again soon - but I do plan to limit my mileage.

In other words, I am probably not going to run the Richmond marathon. But, I won't rule it out. After all, I signed up for it last year at the last minute. I'm actually intrigued by the Richmond half-marathon. But, we'll see.

Another possibility is to stick to the shorter distances in the fall - lots of 5ks and 8ks.. and trail runs (are you reading this, Blake & Twila?). It will keep my fitness steady, but without some of the pounding of the long runs.

I plan to save my long run training for a different race.....next summer....in Lake Placid.


TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Great post, great priorities. Let's say some wine induced friend who promised to do the marathon in return for a commitment to do a half IM - maybe such a naive girl would welcome the wisdom of an awesome, experienced marathoner?

TriGirl Kate O said...

Sounds like a very good plan to me, especially as you get all caught up in your wine drinking!

SusieQ said...

You'll be great :)


Anonymous said...

I hear you. December 7th. Put it on the schedule.


Cyndi said...

SQ - You are a flipping genius! I so wish that I could be like you -- and if I was I would not still be struggling to get my gimpy leg back up and "running" again. :(
I, too, am going to vow to prioritize properly this year so that we can both be ready to tackle that LP monster next year!!