Thursday, July 10, 2008


First, I really love reading the comments from you all. Thanks!

Today, I visited Jane, my physical therapist. She seemed like a very cool lady (and it's not just because she is a Red Sox fan, although that helps). She "casted" me for my new orthotics. They should provide some much-needed support to my arches - which should help alleviate some of the strain on my tendons.

Next, I met one of her assistants, a PT student from MCV. Her assistant also ran the Boston Marathon this spring, so we had lots to chat about. It turns out that she also helped another crazy Ironman get over some kind of knee injury. She asked me if I knew someone named Greg who had trained for IM New Zealand. I asked her if by Greg, she really meant: "He-who-wears-roach-costumes-and-sperm-helmets-but-was-still-very-fast." She was confused.

Anyway, I received an ultrasound treatment with cortisone cream as well as lots of stretching...and of course, ice.

Jane did a lot of manipulating of my foot - and seemed quite pleased that I did not have nearly as much pain as I had two weeks ago.

I do believe my paw is healing.


p.s Blake - December 7th is on the calendar.


Diane said...

Just 'cuz you said you love comments, I thought I'd throw one out... I've been reading about your exploits in total awe but fairly silent on the comment love so here it is! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hope your paw keeps healing nicely and hope to see you soon!

katebott said...

Glad to hear the paw in coming along nicely :-) Try to enjoy the well-earned rest!

SusieQ said...

It really is time for Diane S to join us on a Blue Ridge ride, don't you all agree???


Triathlonmom said...

I love how Richmond is like that!