Friday, March 21, 2008

Party with the Big Dogs

Tonight, I (along with my main squeeze and my main dog) have been invited to one of the cutest parties ever (really) in the history of the world. We are heading to the Richmond SPCA for a cocktail party hosted by my buddies (and fellow animal lovers) Nancy & Rob. I ran my very first marathon (which at the time, I thought would be my last)with Nance & Rob. Anyway, this party is open to dogs, too. Nance and Rob have hired some of the good folks from the SPCA to oversee a doggie play group while the "parents" watch, socialize, and enjoy some adult beverages. How fun is that? I think Josie-Posie may have to sport her Trigirl bandanna tonight. I'll take some pics...and hopefully upload them....once my real laptop returns from the laptop hospital.


TriGirl 40 said...


Your mommy is way nicer than ours.

We are stuck home on a Friday night.

At least we are not getting our "hair" washed.

Fezzy and Buttercup

Cyndi said...

Whew! Thanks for the head's up. I am locking the windows and doors tonight! My little Mollie's young and if she finds out all the cool kids are having a party, well, you know how those adolescents are!! The next thing I know, I'll get a call from the SPCA telling me to pick up the doggie who's been dancing on the tables, she'll spend the whole day hugging the water bowl tomorrow and six months later, I'll have a bunch of pups on my hands . . . Darn teenagers.