Thursday, January 17, 2008


Wednesday night=the dreaded Master's swim practice...
But wait! One of my goals for 2008 is to no longer approach swimming like it's a root canal. We all know what a difference a positive attitude can make when dealing with workouts and other life events that we don't want to do. Does that mean I have to apply this philosophy to swimming?
Yes, it does.

So...Coach K let me choose which lane to swim in last night. She said I was a "tweener." In other words, I really don't fit into any lanes. (It's so hard to be the middle child). Sometimes, I swim in the Lane of Dread with DB, Fave, Kate O & Bethany - but not last night. Instead, I swam in the Lane of Joy with Lynn & Molly. I love that lane.
We ended up swimming close to 2100 meters, which is a solid swim workout. When I swim in the Lane of Joy, I find myself becoming more & more relaxed in the water. Rather than worrying about holding up everyone behind me (a la the Lane of Dread), I can focus on my stroke. I thought about gliding as much as I could. I even started breathing less frequently some of the time - every 5 strokes instead of every 3.
Perhaps my new strategy will be to spend half the time in the Lane of Joy and then force myself over to the Lane of Dread.
But on second thought, my word this year is joy. Maybe I'll stay in the Lane of Joy.
Time will tell.


margo said...

i love the lane of joy! i think i will come back and join you there.

TriGirl 40 said...

Great post. Though I can attest (and coincidentally just did on my blog), the lane of dread gradually loses its evilness. I can't say it is the lane of joy just yet, but it does get better.

You (and Margo) will see!

kate o said...

I will work hard to make our lane another lane of joy, when I get back in the water.

Melissa said...

the lane names are dead on...or is that dread on...
last night was a toughy, but hopefully i can draft of DB =)

Cyndi said...

ohhh, I am riddled with guilt for not swimming!! You guys are so good at making it to swim training and I am the loser that only gets in the water when it's absolutely necessary -- which is usually only during a race. Clearly I need to get back in the water so I can hang with you gals!!! That is my goal this year. Good job Susie Q!! I'm jealous of your dedication!!


SusieQ said...

Thanks to all of you for the good vibes & support. :)
I'll learn to love the lane of dread...eventually.


p.s. Cyndi - no need for you to feel guilty. You are a mermaid.

tri-ing races not cases said...

come join really isn't all dread!