Saturday, December 29, 2012


2013 is almost here - and it's going to be a drastically different training year for me. I'm going for short races. So far, the only races I have on my schedule are sprint triathlons. I might add an olympic distance race somewhere along the way (please note the emphasis on might). Long ago, I raced a lot of local 5Ks. Granted, they are 20+ minutes of complete misery.  But, just when you think you may pass out or throw up, the race is over. I found that I had to be in really good shape to run them well (for me). However, I did not need to train for 6+ hours on a Saturday to be healthy. And - I had time to pursue other activities besides running. Sounds like a win-win, if you ask me. That's what I'm aiming for next year: increasing my fitness but doing it in a more balanced way.( I also want to upgrade/redo some of our landscaping and (re)learn French - time will tell how all of this goes....)

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