Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ironman Florida

Happy to report that I finished my third (and final) Ironman last weekend. Somehow the magic of IMFL '07 just wasn't there this time. One of my friends (also an IM finisher) looked at my attitude in an interesting (and, to me, positive) way. I told her how after finishing I felt just...down. While I continue to be extremely grateful that my knee held up just fine during the race, I didn't have that emotional/amazing/magical feeling training or during the race. Quite frankly, I began to find 100+ mile bike rides just plain annoying. I dreaded them. I had one good ride at the Heart of Virginia century - and then my desire to ride that long just...disappeared. My friend pointed out that this may be a good thing. She experienced the same thing with marathons (after she broke 3 hours - fast freakin' woman). I now know that my Ironman days are done. I am ready to say goodbye. I still love triathlons and will always think that the Ironman distance is "way cool." But, I don't want to race that distance anymore. So, au revoir, Ironman. Take good care of all my friends racing that crazy distance next year!

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The Transplant said...

Congrats on #3, Susie! An amazing accomplishment by an even more amazing woman. Wish we could have been there to cheer you on. Hope we can see you guys the next time we're in town.