Saturday, January 16, 2010


has been lovely.

I'm at 50% of my fundraising goal for the triathlon - in one week! How great are my friends and family (particularly SanDee J & Greggy-baby, Lynnie-Lou and the Darbalicous)?


I also (finally) took a little spin outside in this (relatively) warm weather. I met my friend Nicole at West Creek. She is brand-spankin' new to the world of cycling. And, of course, being an overachieving kind-of-lady, she decided to tackle a century ride (Lake Tahoe) as part of Team in Training. Yup - she's learning a new sport AND raising money to fight cancer at the same time (FYI: You aren't the only one she makes feel like a bit of a loser - but she's so darn sweet and cute, you can't help but like her). was below 50 degrees (my usual limit) and I still felt happy and warm on my bike. Hmmm...does this mean I might learn to like winter riding?

Anything is possible...


dwyatt64 said...

Wasn't it just gorgeous today? It made even me want to get out on a bike and pedal....well, maybe not, but get out and enjoy the day! Congrats on your's also a reflection of how much people think of YOU and what you're doing.

Racn4acure said...

Oh the weather yesterday was so great! You will love training with Nicole. She is so upbeat and just a nice young lady. GO TEAM! Art

PS: way to go on your fundraising.