Monday, October 19, 2009

Looking ahead

And so my 2009-2010 "season" winds down.

Of course, being somewhat of a type A kind of person (or maybe I'm more of an A-), I find myself needing to set goals for next year. It keeps me motivated.

I'm playing with a few ideas, including:

1. tackling Mountains of Misery. As I told several people, this century ride seems kinda scary to me. But then again, so did Ironman Florida and IM Brazil - and I did finished those athletic endeavors, didn't I? Dr. Rick has found some other crazy ride that looks like a close cousin of Mountains of Misery - so I may find myself suffering on two mountain rides.

2. running again, but not too much. I have positive visions of running three times/week. I'm not too far from that goal, which makes me happy. That's enough running to keep me mentally happy - and to keep my bones strong.

3. riding outdoors this winter - but probably only on the weekends. I am not a fan of riding in the dark AND cold. I'm already researching the best winter riding gear. (And once money goes towards workout gear instead of work gear). On the weeknights, Rick and I will be spending our time with Coach Troy (as in Mr Spinervals).

4. Swimming more. I have been a completely slack swimmer this fall. My teaching schedule has prevented me from Monday night master's at U of R - and I've had a hard time making it to the Friday U of R swim, too. I'm ready for that to change. Swimming is such a fantastic workout. On the upside, I have been a loyal Guppy swimmer on Wednesday mornings. Coach K has taught me so much about swimming - and doesn't give up on me - even when my attempts at the butterfly look like someone thrashing around in the a big fish net. Yes - I'm that bad at it.

5. Volunteering my time for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This spring, I will be mentoring the cycle team (who are training and fundraising for a century around Lake Tahoe). Unfortunately, due to my summer teaching schedule, I won't be able to take part in that event. However, it looks like I may be able to train and fund raise for a century ride in Arizona next November. Did you know that VCU just received a major research grant from LLS? Yes - the money raised helps to fight cancer AND supports research in our backyard. Love it. UVA has also benefited from research dollars raised by Team in Training (for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society).

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