Thursday, May 7, 2009


I headed to PT for my second session since surgery #2. It turns out that two reasons my left knee is healing so well are a) Dr H mainly performed a lateral release whereas my right knee had a lateral release AND chondroplasty and b) I only have two incisions this time (last time I had three - and one was somewhat biggish).

Anyway, PT was fine & dandy. It's always great to shoot the breeze with Jim as he helps me rehab my knees. I happened to mention that I was spending Saturday watching my friends compete at the Kinetic Half. Jim told me that it would be a very, very bad idea to go.


He (patiently) pointed out that I'm only 8 days out from surgery. Standing/walking around all day was not a wise move at this time. So, I may try to catch the end of the run - or I may just have to wait for you all to fill me in on the day.

Meanwhile, I was able to spin on the stationary bike for a little while. I am weeks ahead of my recovery from my first surgery.

And that is almost as nice as the sun (finally) shining...


Diane said...

So glad the second surgery went so well!

Miss you!

Annn said...

I am very glad this knee is easier. I am so looking forward to biking with you again!

Anonymous said...

So happy that it's easier for you this time! There's that ray of sunshine. BTW, when did R. have his lasik??? I just got a referral check in the mail...yippee! Tell him thanks for mentioning me.