Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another update

This morning, I took my bike for a virtual 35-minute spin. It made me smile to feel my heart and lungs do a little work - at last. I'm hoping, if all goes according to my plan, that I'll be back at indoor cycling on Feb 21st. However, I won't go unless I get the blessing of PT Jim. I am learning patience with the healing process.

For instance, I thought I'd be back in the pool this week (with the pull buoy - no kicking for awhile). But, I was not given the green light. Maybe next week, little Guppies!

I started planning all the different sprint triathlons I wanted to do this summer. And then I had to stop myself. I need to wait to see how my recovery goes before I sign up for any races. If I sign up, I'll do whatever I can to finish the race (e.g. doing the run at Timberman - probably not the greatest move for my knee - but it sure was a gorgeous run course). I already had to drop out of Ironman Lake Placid (which I only did the day before surgery...I might've still been in bit of denial). So, for now, no races are planned.

However, I have completed my fundraising goal for the Team in Training century ride. I am going to do that - but not until October. The October ride is typically the Seagull Century. Join me! Better yet - join Team in Training. Be a lifesaver.


TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Being smart and patient will make you a winner at healing first, then races! Tell me more about the Seagull TNT ride - sounds like it should be flat!

tryingtotri said...

It will be worth it. But until you are back, I will enjoy our "modified training"

Denise W said...

The number of races you do is not as important as doing them when you are 100%. You are so smart for recognizing that healing first, signing up later, is the way to go. You'll be great in October!