Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lucky Dog

Yup - my dog, Josie, is feeling very lucky these days.

Since I'm on a running break, I am substituting in long walks with Tridog Josie. Usually, I enjoy a nice run around U of Richmond on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. However, the current Tues/Thurs morning plan involves an hour (sometimes a little more) walk around the 'hood with Josie.

Grove Avenue is nicely lit - so even if the sun isn't up, we can still see where we're going.

This morning, she met a new friend - a very rambunctious female yellow lab. I think the two girls would've liked to frolic but they had to stay on their leashes. We try to be law-abiding dog-walkers most of the time.

I did notice two fools riding their bikes down Grove. Last time I checked, Grove Avenue is not closed to cars. And yet, these two fools were riding down the road, side-by-side, in aero position with no lights on their bikes or even reflective gear on. Huh?

And we wonder why some drivers feel complete hostility towards cyclists....

And now for something completely different...


Triathlonmom said...

I think I know who that was riding down grove in the dark!

TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Fezzy and Buttercup are hoping their mom will entice you and Josie on a few off-season fall walks soon!