Sunday, June 1, 2008

I just want to make it clear...

that I am quite proud to be a two-time Ironman/trigirl finisher. One of my bestest buddies ever (Amanda -that's you) made a very insightful comment that I seemed down about my second Ironman race.

I'm actually quite pleased and stunned by it. Never in my wildest dreams to I ever expect to finish one (let alone TWO) Ironman races. Much love to Grandison, Mark, Blake, Ed & Som for guiding me along the way.

But, I didn't realize how fantastically magical my first Ironman race felt. Everything just clicked for me - and I truly felt like I was floating (especially on my beloved run). At IM Brazi,(to quote Deanna b) I really didn't have my "mojo." Physically, I felt great (thank you Mark B and Ed for the awesome training over the winter). But, mentally, I wasn't as "spunky" as I like to be. I realize that I can push myself very, very hard. But, in Brazil, my sassiness (inherited from my parents) wasn't there. I was content to just kinda chill on the bike and the run.

And that is okay. I really believe that sometimes you just have to "be." Last year, I reached so many new milestones. Every race was a PR.

But it can't always be that way.

I'm ready to work out simply for the joy of moving my body...breathing that humid but weirdly fresh Virginia air... cheering on my friends as they prepare for their first Ironman (keep a journal or blog ladies and Fred - it's incredible)...staying out kinda late on a Friday for my friends and family more attention...

and just being grateful for these past 1.5 years. Two Ironman finishes, one Boston finish.

Yup - I'm ready to relax for a bit.

Love to all of you.


TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

There seems to be much more to triathlon than the physical.

It is beautiful when it all aligns.

But, if we can find the good, when it is less than perfect, it shows the epitome of who we are as triathletes - and humans.

I think what you've just accomplished in Brazil is amazing.


TriGirl Kate O said...

If anyone deserves a rest, it is you--you have accomplished so much in just 6 months! Welcome home, can't wait to see you.

Amanda said...

Just catching up on your blog today. So pumped I was cited. :) I'm so happy that you can sit back and realize all you've done. That's a good thing. Just here to keep it in perspective girlfriend. BTW: would love to see more pics of your trip. I love the one with your friend. Email me times we could visit. I had a great chat with Slapper yesterday. She was so proud of you. xxoo Amanda