Monday, June 23, 2008

The Beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway

We all agreed that the term "parkway" conjures up images of relaxation, smooth terrain, and a lowered heart rate.

How silly of us to even think that way.

Riding the Blue Ridge is a butt-kicker, for sure.

And I love it.

I'm beginning to think I am a psycho. In fact, Bryan B called me that on the run at White Lake. I don't think I looked at all psychotic. I was wearing my cute trigirl ensemble (or outfit, as I like to say).

Anyway, i was only able to do one of the BR rides last year - and it left me so very tired. I think the descents made me more tired than anything else. However, this year, I felt 100% better. I still don't really like big, long down hills, but I'm beginning to get used to them. Next time, I'm definitely keeping my bike computer off. I did much better on the first leg of descents when I had no idea what my speed was. Ignorance really can be bliss.

We had close to perfect weather - sunny, clear, very little humidity. I tried to keep a steady tempo on the climbs (my favorites - see, I am crazy). I think I like climbing because it gives me a chance to look around a little. After all, when you're only going 7 mph, you can take in things like a gorgeous blue butterfly perching on a flower. To me, climbing is a little like running because you can check out the world around you. On the flip side, when I am descending, my eyes are on the road ahead of me.

I did get some great descending advice from cycling stars Shawn, Karen and Shelley (the rebel). I'm going to try to keep their advice in mind on the next ride. I'm already looking forward to it (with the exception of the early start - can you say ouch?)

Alas, I didn't finish up the mega brick (house - that's for you, Jill) workout due to a nagging sore foot. My right paw has been unhappy with me for quite a long time. I'm finally giving in and going to see an orthopedic specialist. I even bet Rick that I wouldn't run again until I saw the good doctor. He thinks I'll try to sneak in a clandestine run some time. It does tempt me - but so far, I am winning the bet.

In the meantime, I guess I'll be logging more time on the bike and in the pool.

BR pictures are coming..


Anonymous said...

Hope your paw is OK! It was a good day in the mountains!


Kate said...

Sounds as though you had a great day out there! Sorry about your foot.

Amanda said...

Where were you all on the BR?

Anonymous said...

Guess that means you're not joining us for 10 lovely, fun days of riding on the BRP? LK