Friday, April 18, 2008


I have to admit that I am rather nervous about the Boston Marathon. I've downplayed this race all along because it's actually part of a larger training program for Ironman Brazil. I am not going to think or write about IM Brazil right now. The focus is Boston.

The fact that I somehow qualified for Boston is still something that I don't completely believe - except that I have an official acceptance letter from the Boston Athletic Association. So I guess it is real. Just thinking about it chokes me up. I remember calling my mom and dad to tell them I had qualified. I (of course) left my mom a teary message. And she returned an equally teary one.

Isn't it funny what a simple road race can do to a girl's emotions?

When I am about to start a triathlon, I know why I am nervous. Open water is a little scary. Staying aero can be a real struggle on a rough or hilly road. And then there's always the question of nutrition.

But running doesn't typically make me nervous. So what is making me nervous now?

Maybe it's the fact that there are going to be a LOT of fast runners. Being as I qualified by a mere 30 seconds, I am one of the slower of the qualifiers. But that's okay. I will run my own race.

Maybe I am afraid that I will bonk.
But, if I run the way I should, I ought to be okay. And, I'll have my trusty flask of perpetuem with me, too. The last six miles will hurt, but that's how it goes with a marathon.

Maybe I am afraid that I will fail.
Sometimes, the most ridiculous thoughts pop into my head. Fail what? The simple act of trying can never be considered failure.

Instead, I'm going to just....relax.

Rick and I just bought tickets to see the Red Sox play the Rangers on Saturday night. Jon Lester is schedule to pitch for the Sox. He came back at the end of the season (to help them win the World Series) after battling cancer. And I am worried about a road race?

Our hotel is right on the Women's olympic marathon qualifying course. So, we will step outside Sunday morning with coffee in hand to watch the fastest female American marathoners glide by. I hope to see Deena Kastor (who has already won an Olympic medal in the marathon) and my all-time favorite, Joan Benoit Samuelson.

And then we will experience the Boston Marathon on Monday. I will try not to cry as I trot along, but I won't promise that.


TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Stealing Cyndi's word for the moment: Appreciate every moment of Boston (you've earned it)!

And stealing my word: Believe you will complete Boston - strong and fast (you are an amazing runner)!

Have a fabulous race! We'll be cheering for you here in Richmond!

tri-ing races not cases said...

What an incredible day Monday will be for you. Enjoy it! We are so proud.

TriGirl Kate O said...

And persevere!

Have a great time and enjoy.

katebott said...

Wishing you a fantastic and beautiful race day. Enjoy every moment of it-you earned it speedy! I know my swim buddy is going to rock Boston!

Melissa said...

Sending you speedy positive thoughts. (and if your shoes feel funny, it's b/c I put little engines in them)

Diane said...

You are so amazing! Congratulations on a fantastic accomplishment.

Amanda said...

Way to go Susie Q! :) Come visit Charlottesville either when you have time or want a great hill workout. I saw a girl at the Cville race on Saturday decked out in trigirl clothing and I almost asked if she knew you - but, you know how shy I am. hee hee. Let me knwo if you ever need company early Thursday a.m. for a slow's my slow run day. Training is going well for Newfoundland 70.3. You'll have to ask Slap about my funky training - I guess perhaps I should read more or join a group. It's worth a good chuckle over a good cup of java. Love ya, Mands