Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patick's Day

The title of this entry is simply to acknowledge the day - I don't have an Irish-themed entry so don't get too excited. But, for the record, I do have a lot of Irish blood in me. Case in point: my sister's name is Siobhan (which is Gaelic - and is pronounced Shuh-von), so you get the gist of my Irish lineage.
Anyway, I have been training like crazy for IM Brazil & Boston. For this Ironman, I'm working to keep myself as calm and positive as possible. (As IM Florida approached, I did have many moments of complete panic). I wish I could remember all of that race, but like most events, the memories start to fade as we inevitably make new ones. Maybe that is why I wanted to do another Ironman race within 6 months of my first. Or maybe I just like the satisfied feeling of completing a tough workout. Or maybe I just really enjoy the company of my training partners.
I think it's a combination of all of those reasons that caused me to sign up for Brazil - and that makes me wonder what event to do in 2009. I realize how flat-out insane it is to even consider another Ironman race before completing Brazil. And yet, I find myself reading the posts about 2009 IM races with great interest. Arizona? (No - too late in the season for me), Lake Placid? (Would love to, but doubt I can get in online - and I won't be able to volunteer due to work), Wisconsin? (Maybe - but would prefer an earlier race), Louisville (No), Austria? we're talking. It's in the summer (which works well with my work schedule) and is in a beautiful country.
Do I need to make this decision today? No. But, it's fun to think about it.
Could it be that I've become addicted to these endurance events?

P.S. Congrats to all of the fantastic efforts at the Shamrock races this weekend.

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TriGirl Kate O said...

Susie Q,
July 5, 2009....hmmmm. That could work! I'd be tapering in beautiful Provence the last week in June (family reunion of sorts, even though we're Irish!) and would enjoy the wine/beer post race!