Monday, January 7, 2008


On the Trigirl blog, I read about how we should adopt a word or motto to guide our training. In 2007, my training word was believe. During rough training days or trying parts of a race, I willed myself into believing I could do it (whatever "it" happened to be on that day). A wise man (or should I call Rick a wise-ass?) even told me that "the body will do whatever your mind tells it to do." In other words, if you believe you can do something, your body will follow suit. And it's really true.

In 2008, my focus has shifted to the simple idea of joy. Many other wise people will tell me that they don't see how training for an Ironman even remotely qualifies as embodying joy.
Well now, you need to rearrange your thinking like this....

1. Getting up very early is joyful's so quiet at 5:00 a.m. It's a time to reflect on what the day ahead holds. (And - it's really cute to see my dog looking so groggy).

2. Indoor cycling for many hours is joyful because...I get to see & meet so many quality people. I also enjoy hearing what Ed has cooked up on his iPod for us. Despite Lynn's protestations, there is nothing wrong with "Rock Me, Amadeus."

3. A long run after cycling on Saturday is joyful because...we see so many varied & beautiful neighborhoods. To date, we've run down Monument, along Riverside Drive, through Windsor Farms, and over to Forest Hill Avenue. What is even more joyful, however, are the conversations. If you run with Mark or Karen or Tim, the miles do seem to fly by. We also get to watch other runners (usually female) check out the IM tattoos of Rick & Jeff. Yes guys - chicks do seem to dig those tattoos.

4. Doing the "planks with rotations for 60 seconds" is joyful because...well...let me think about that one. Because they are good for my core? Because they make V-ups seem reasonable? Because 60 seconds isn't really that long?

5. Swimming is joyful because...sometimes my stroke actually works the way it should. It might just be for one 25 meter moment, but it's a moment of joy, nonetheless.

Here's to 2008 - I hope you find a moment of joy each day.


FAVEaroony said...

May you have a JOYFUL 2008! Cheers.

Diane said...

Love your word for the year! Great choice!

TriGirl 40 said...

What a great way to look at all aspects of training!