Monday, November 26, 2007

I am ready.

After back-to-back weekends of tough races (IMFL & the Richmond marathon), I was so ready to rest. I can't remember the last time I willingly rested for two weeks, but that is what I did. Since November 10th, I have:

1. Walked my dog a LOT. She loves recovery time.
2. Driven to and from New England for Turkey Day. Can you believe it took less time to drive home from NH than it took me to complete IMFL? Now that's just crazy.
3. Unpacked boxes leftover from my move in July. Mind you, I'm still not finished.
4. Survived my first tattoo. It's pretty - you can see it at indoor cycling. Thank you Som!
5. Eaten lots of good food (Rick is ready to take out a loan to cover the cost of feeding me post-IM/marathon) & drank plenty of yummy wine.
6. Missed my training partners.
7. Signed up for two more big races in 2008: IM Brazil & the Boston marathon. I did have a slight panic attack after signing up for IM Brazil, but I'm over that. Life is meant to be lived, isn't it?
8. Jogged the "Galloping Gobbler" with my sister-in-law on Thanksgiving morning. My first run in nearly 2 weeks. The first mile is always hard - no matter what.

And now I find myself eagerly looking forward to our first indoor cycling workout of winter 2007/2008 on Saturday. I am ready for a little pain among friends.


TriGirl Kate O said...

We've missed you too! See you soon.

TriGirl 40 said...

Josie thinks your new training regime rocks.

Melissa said...

you have deserved a few weeks off! (i took off a month and i didn;t do imfl hehee). saturday will be good times! or should i say yummy times!

margo said...

"life is meant to be lived, isn't it?"

damn you and your inspiration. i signed up for timberman immediately after reading that.

SusieQ said...

Good girl, Margo!!!!
Jones & Josie will be ticked that we are training...but they will just have to deal with it.

Cyndi said...

susie q --

Can't wait for Saturday and to see the other TriGirls again!! Although, I am fully and completely bummed not to be doing Brazil with you guys!! I may just hang around for the training just so I can catch up with everyone!!

See you soon!!